About us

The world is changing faster, and more than ever before. This rapid development is creating business opportunities for companies that can adapt quickly – and threats for those who can not. According to studies almost 70% of all change programs fail. Consequently, change leadership is a critical business skill for any company with the ambition to grow and become even more successful.


7C specializes in implementing change in sales driven organizations.
We develop managers into sales-driven change leaders, we produce the communication required for change leadership and measure and analyzes the change process. In these areas we offer various individual services. We use our combined skills to implement comprehensive change programs. In short: 7C makes change happen!


There are no simple answers or shortcuts to success when it comes to implementing a change program. However, there are certain basic principles that drastically increase the possibility of this being achieved. Companies partnering with 7C avoid making unnecessary mistakes and, as a result, are ready to perform the parallel activities that are necessary to succeed. An example of 7C’s ability is our long-term change role with Volkswagen.


Change and innovation places high demands on managerial leadership. Sustainable change is in fact about changing people’s behavior. This is usually met with concern and resistance initially (although not noticeable on the surface). During the change, there is a risk that the organization puts so much emphasis on internal processes that it loses focus on customers and sales. You can counter act this by having a clear customer perspective throughout the change process. 7C provides a variety of tools and methods to develop managers into successful sales driven change leaders.


It is important to formulate an inspiring story that explains why the change is needed and the benefits it provides. It is also necessary to create a dialogue where leaders listen more than they talk. Each person involved must in fact have the chance to make the change to their own in order to be motivated to carry out the overall transformation. Although 7C loves producing film, web, and print products it is during encounters between people that we truly believe the change process begins. From individual coaching sessions to major events involving thousands of participants.


Going from words to deeds requires clear measurable goals all the way down to the individual level. The ultimate goal can often be measured in the existing business system but it is crucial to also measure (and reward) the behavioral changes needed to achieve it. 7C helps to identify relevant measurement variables, suggest measurement techniques, analyze the results and summarize the current status in easy to read reports. In addition, we have our own standardized methods and tools such as the Mystery Client, Salesexplosion.se, Mastergroup.se and grupparbete.com.